Visit UL for Attic Fire Experiments November 18th-19th and 25th-26th
Stephen Kerber
November 2, 2013

As part of the 2011 DHS Grant looking at Residential Attic Fire Mitigation Tactics and Exterior Fire Spread Hazards on Fire Fighter Safety UL FSRI will be conducting full scale attic fire tests this month. A total of four attics each 36’ long, 30’ wide and 8’ tall, with an 8’ space below will be constructed in the Large Scale Fire Test Lab in Northbrook, IL.



The structures will be Type V construction with a plywood roof deck. The attic will be separated from the space below by 6” lay in fiberglass insulation providing the thermal separation and a finished gypsum wall board ceiling. Gabel, eave and ridge vents will provide ventilation to the space and be utilized in testing the various attic fire mitigation tactics. Each attic will be burned twice to test a total of eight different attic fire tactics. The attics and space below will be instrumented for temperature, pressure, and airflow through vents along with conventional and infrared video. Input from the technical panel was sought for the tactics and conditions to be tested.

Tests will be conducted in two sets, the first four on Monday November 18th and Tuesday November 19th followed by the second four on Monday November 25th and Tuesday November 26th. This is a unique opportunity for those individuals willing to provide their own transportation and lodging (if applicable) to witness the research as it is being conducted. Interested parties please RSVP no later than November 11th via FSRI@ul.com .


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