Fire Investigation Data Portal Launch
Craig Weinschenk
April 12, 2019

The UL FSRI Fire Investigation Data Portal is now available online!

Clink on the links below to review the results from our NIJ (Award No. 2015-DN-BX-K052) funded “Full-Scale Experiments to Study the Impact of Ventilation on Fire Patterns” project. For this project, the team completed scientific research into how ventilation impacts fire patterns and electrical system damage in single-family homes. All of the sensor data, photographs, and videos generated during the research are available to be explored.

Take a deeper dive into the series by navigating through each of the Ranch House, Colonial House, and Exposed Electrical Cord and Cable experiments via our interactive tool. In the clip below, see how clicking on any of the sensor locations on a floor plan will pop-up the data for that sensor.

Interact with Sensor Data

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