Final Series of Attic Fire Experiments Complete
Stephen Kerber
July 11, 2014


A special thanks to the Milwaukee Fire Department, Milwaukee Fire Bell Club and all the support we received the past two weeks. The final series of field experiments that are part of the Study of Residential Attic Fire Mitigation Tactics and Exterior Fire Spread Hazards on Fire Fighter Safety wrapped up yesterday (7/9/14) and the UL FSRI crew returned to UL’s Northbrook Headquarters to start the process of reviewing the data.


Three structures were used to expand on the various attic fire tactics first tested in our laboratory (Laboratory Tests). Interior operations were simulated using monitors with nozzles located within the structure while exterior operations were conducted by UL FSRI staff with assistance from the Milwaukee fire department. Tactics tested include “Eave Attack”, flowing from the landing into the attic space, flowing through the knee wall, transitional attack and flowing into the attic from a large hole.

Check out our Facebook from some still images from the tests. (Images)

Various news organizations covered the two weeks of testing:






The final technical panel meeting to develop tactical considerations for fire department operations is scheduled for July 24th at UL’s Northbrook Campus. In addition, the creation of the online training course for this grant has commenced with a completion goal of December 2014.

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